“African Music” in Norway

African Music in Norway is a follow up and broadening of the research the project leader Nannyonga-Tamusuza began in 2003 during her project Conceptualization of “African” music in Bergen, Western Norway, in which she interviewed Norwegians participating in classes in African dance and drumming. The project is an attempt to realize a “reversed anthropology”, where the traditional academic relationship between “us” and “them” and the notion of “musical otherness” are challenged.

A study of the “diaspora” of African music in Norway complements the project leader Thomas Solomon´s study of music in the Turkish diaspora in Western Europe.

The Norwegian interest in ”African” music will be analyzed both in relation to ”world music” discourses (which are both academic and cultural-political) and a critical discussion of Norwegian development discourses. Also Norwegian “third world cultural politics” (such as projects supported and/or carried out by NORAD and Rikskonsertene) will be further investigated.

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