Music Archiving in Uganda

The long-term objective is to establish a music collection that contains all recorded and written material regarding Ugandan music, but the urgent need is to provide a minimum of representative recordings and literature. Emphasis will be put on ethnographically based field recordings.


Catalogue the existing collection of recordings at The Museum of Uganda.
Collect and systematize field recordings, especially from MDD students and staff.
Obtain copies of recordings of Ugandan music possessed by institutions and researchers outside Uganda.
Establish a library of existing writings (copies, if necessary) about Ugandan music.
Work towards access to these materials for staff, students, researchers, artists and other cultural workers. This includes obtaining the necessary equipment.
Train students and staff in order to create sustainable technical skills and a high level of reflection on the theory, methodologies, politics and ethics related to the management of musical cultural heritage. The formal training will be organized as compulsory methodology courses in MA- and PhD programs.

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